What changes with the end of the State of Emergency?

The State of Calamity approved by the Council of Ministers will come into place immediately after the end of the State of Emergency, that is, at the beginning of Sunday morning.


From Monday, May 4th, the country will reopen some doors. Indeed, street stores (with areas up to 200 m2), hairdressers, beauty/hygiene centers, bookstores, libraries and car trade centers will open. All of these must open in compliance with the hygiene and distance rules that will be announced by DGS (Directorate-General of Health) on Saturday, May 2nd. 

The use of masks will be mandatory in several locations, such as schools, public transports and stores. Concerning public transports, these will have a limitation of two-thirds of its capacity.

With regard to the work environment, professional practice will continue on a telecommuting regime, whenever possible. 

Another change starting from May 4th is that there are no longer any limitations to the practice of individual outdoor sports (apart from competitions). However, the use of changing rooms or swimming pools is still not allowed.


From May 18th, restaurants and cafes will reopen, children will be able to return to daycare centers and high school students enrolled in the 10th and 11th school years will return to school. With regard to cultural activities, it was announced that museums, monuments, palaces, art galleries, exhibition halls and the like, will reopen on the 18th of May.


From June 1st, stores with areas larger than 400 m2, citizen stores, shopping malls and preschools will reopen. Furthermore, cinemas, theaters and auditoriums will reopen with reserved seats, reduced capacity and physical distance. Starting from June, there will be a green light to consider a return to workplaces of those who can perform their duties remotely.


Concerning religious activities, restrictions on community celebrations in any religion will be lifted during the weekend of 30th and 31st of May.


Gatherings of more than 10 people will remain prohibited. This deconfination plan, phased in until June 1st, will be evaluated every 15 days. If it goes wrong, the Prime Minister guarantees that things will go back and new measures will be implemented.