Welcome to ESN Portugal!

If you're passionate about helping international students and want to be part of the Erasmus Student Network, we invite you to become a founder of an ESN Portugal section. Your efforts will contribute to creating an amazing experience for students in Portugal.

If you're a student who has returned from an exchange program or resonate with the mission, vision, and values of ESN, and if you're interested in starting a new ESN section, here's how you can get started:

  1. Contact our support team for new student organizations. They will guide you through the process. Email us at board@esnportugal.org
  2. Connect with your university's International Relations Office to find fellow students who are interested in joining your initiative.
  3. Collaborate with student councils or similar bodies to find volunteers who share your passion.
  4. Engage with existing university programs like the Buddy Program to integrate international students further.


Contact Your University

Universities play a crucial role in supporting ESN sections. They provide spaces, financial assistance, and help in promoting your organization.

Contact the International Relations Office of your university to explore how they can support you:

  • Offering spaces for meetings and assisting international students
  • Providing financial support for legal registration and projects
  • Promoting the organization to both local and international students
  • Collaborating on university projects and events

Partner with ESN Portugal

If you represent an educational institution and want to have an ESN section, we're here to collaborate. Contact us at board@esnportugal.org to discuss the possibilities.

Having an ESN section at your institution brings numerous benefits:

  • Better integration and support for international students
  • Learning opportunities for local students, fostering personal and professional growth
  • Collaboration on university projects for enhanced internationalization

ESN Portugal believes in the role students play in mobility programs and active citizenship. We're excited to collaborate with your institution to enhance international mobility and student experiences.

Application Process

Whether you're starting a new ESN section or partnering with us, the application process involves two steps:

  1. Candidacy for a trial period as an informal group
  2. Candidacy to become a full-fledged ESN member

Throughout the process, ESN Portugal will provide guidance and support. Feel free to reach out to us at board@esnportugal.org for assistance at any stage.