The Erasmus Student Network Portugal,  commonly designated by ESN Portugal,  is a non-profit organisation that belongs to the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the biggest student organisation in Europe, recognised and supported by the European Commission


ESN Portugal has more than 500 young volunteers, and works for the creation of a more mobile and flexible education environment by supporting and developing youth exchanges on different levels, giving guidance to around 14 000 mobility programmes' participants in Portugal.

Develops recreational, cultural, social, sportive and civic activities under specific causes, such as environmental sustainability, social inclusion, health and wellbeing, culture, employability and education and youth.

The realisation of this activities has the purpose to facilitate the integration of international students in the diverse local communities, giving help whenever needed, in order to make it easier all integration processes, aiming to provide the best mobility experience possible. At the same, provides an intercultural experience to those who cannot access a period abroad ('internationalisation at home') and has a determinant role in the reintegration of students who arrived from their mobility period.

ESN Portugal was legaly registered in 2009,  and is present in 14 portuguese cities through 13 sections  (ESN Algarve, ESN Almada, ESN Aveiro, ESN Castelo Branco, ESN Coimbra, ESN Covilhã, ESN Évora, ESN Lisboa, ESN Madeira, ESN Minho, ESN Porto, ESN Tomar, ESN UTAD) and it is supported by the Portuguese National Agency of Erasmus+ Education and Training.


In synthesis, ESN:

  • works in the interest of international students
  • works to improve the social and practical integration of international students
  • represents the needs and rights of international students on the local, national, and international level
  • provides relevant information about mobility programmes
  • motivates students to study abroad
  • works with the reintegration of homecoming students
  • contributes to the improvement and accessibility of student mobility
  • cares about its members
  • values volunteering and active citizenship


Enrichment of society through international students.


“By 2025, ESN will be the global network of the Erasmus Generation, committed to improving international education and providing self-development opportunities to two million young people, fostering intercultural understanding and creating positive change in society.”


The values of Erasmus Student Network that all members stand and work for are: unity in diversity, diversity in the unity (we all have different backgrounds, but share one common aim and goal), students helping students (we passionately commit ourselves to volunteering for the benefits of others), fun in friendship and respect (we enjoy relations based on respect), international dimension of the life (we are open-minded, mobile, like to discover and explore, to co-operate and to interact to break borders), love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange (we live and benefit from the cultural richness of Europe to the utmost), openness with tolerance (we understand and accept others and learn from them), cooperation in the integration (we share an holistic view towards internationality).