Health Minister Marta Temido has said that the peak of the coronavirus infection should be reached by the end of May, adding that containment measures are taking effect.

The peak of COVID-19 in Portugal should be reached by the end of May, said the Health Minister on Saturday. At the daily conference on the current situation of the epidemic, Marta Temido highlighted that the delay of the maximum impact of the viral infection is a result of the measures that were put in place. However, she also said the number of infections could be greater than previously estimated.

“The maximum impact of the [COVID-19] infection is delayed to the end of May”, said Marta Temido, adding that the new projections show that “the containment measures that all of us have been taking are being effective”.

The Health Minister pointed out, however, that a higher number of cases is expected. Nevertheless, flattening the infection curve is important to mitigate the effects of the disease and to buy time so that the National Health Service (SNS) is prepared.

In relation to the reported figures, Marta Temido informed that the general mortality rate is at 1.9%, and among people above 70 years old it is at 7.9%. Out of over 5000 infected, 89% are recovering at home, while 418 are hospitalized and out of these, 89 remain in Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

The Minister added that Portugal keeps increasing equipment stock, by buying surgical masks and other individual protective materials, as well as by ordering ventilators.


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