As of 12 am, 4th of May, a total of 25702 people have tested positive for the Covid-19 disease in Portugal, meaning there was an increase of 178 new cases since yesterday. Currently, 818 people are being treated at the hospital, and of those 134 are in the ICU (intensive care unit).

Since the 1st of January, a total of 258488 people have been tested, of which 230115 have tested negative and 2671 are still awaiting test results. There are still 25066 people who are being monitored by the authorities, on suspicion of being infected.

Until now, we register 1074 deaths and 1743 patients have recovered from the infection. Of these, we have 613 deaths in the North region, 211 deaths in the Center region, 223 deaths in the Lisbon and Tejo Valley region, 1 death in the Alentejo region, 13 deaths in the Algarve region and 13 deaths in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

All of this information is based on data available up until the 5th of May, 11 am and more information regarding the demographics can be found in the epidemiological bulletin released everyday by the DGS (Directorate-General of Health).