The image shows a abandoned haunted house. We can see some stairs leading to the upper floor. In the middle the ir a window with broken glass, leading to a garden. On the right there is a door opening from where light comes from. The walls are painted with graffiti and the place is spooky. It looks abandoned and not clean. In the center of the image the is a title text saying "Spooky Places in Portugal: Legends and Myths" text in white and in the bottom centre the is the logo of ESN Portugal in white.

Portugal has fantastic places to discover, and some of them are ready to give you a good scare or a jittery night. In this article, we promise to tell you a bit about the dark and mythic side of the country. Do you dare to find more about these mysterious destinations?! Buckle up, then!


North of Portugal

1. Hotel Teatro, Porto

The 19th-century tragedy that took place there, in the old Baquet theatre, seems to remain, at least in spirit. More than one hundred people died in a fire, so now you can hear dressing rooms’ doors opening and closing on their own, and some other weird sounds. At least, that is what is said today….

Spooky Place from Portugal - The image is a sepia illustration of the main façade of teatro baque in Porto. There is a flag on top of the building and four statues, two on each side of the flag. There are two extra buildings, one on each side of the theatre. There are three people walking on the street.

By Francisco Pastor Muntó - Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal - "Diario Illustrado", n.º 5370, CC BY-SA 4.0,


2. Palácio Marques Gomes, Gaia

The Marques Gomes Palace is famous because people that pass by hear voices that say: “Go away, get out of here!”. At the beginning of the century, several paranormal researchers have registered that phrase! But the authenticity of the event remains a mystery…

The image shows a spooky place in Portugal. This is Palácio Marques Gomes in Gaia. The image shows the palace in color and the surroundings in black and white. The weather is very cloudy.  Around the palace there is only nature, trees and low greens. The palace is in red brick and looks scary and abandoned. There are window openings without glass on it. The palace has a tower in the left front corner.

Picture Credits:,13918.0.html


3. Capela Senhor da Pedra, Gaia

This chapel also deserves a mention, since it is known by all the inhabitants that its backside is the stage for witchcraft and sorcery… It is believed that the chapel initially received pagan cults from pre-Christian people, and is the only church facing away from the sea, emanating a unique light at the beginning of the morning and at the end of the afternoon with the sunset. It’s worth the visit, especially because it’s located at the beach!

The picture shows an abandoned chapel on top of a rock, surrounded by the ocean. This is a spooky place in Portugal. The weather is very cloudy with some rays of sun coming out through the clouds. The sea ir very agitated.


4. Sanatório de Mont’Alto, Valongo

One of the most striking sites in the country is an old and abandoned sanatorium built in 1910, in Serra de Valongo. This place hosted hundreds of tuberculosis patients, with stories of neglect and mistreatment. Therefore, it is not a surprise that people talk about ghosts and crazy sounds coming from inside… And we promise you, at night it really sends a chill down your spine! Beware…

The image shows a spooky place in Portugal. it is an abandoned sanatorium in Valongo, in the north of Portugal.  The place looks abandoned, with dirty walls, broken glass and empty window and door openings. Surrounding it there is nature. The weather is cloudy with some sunset lighting.

Picture Credits:  Sandra Larangeiro in



Center of Portugal


5. Castelinho, São João do Estoril

In São João do Estoril, Castelinho has a chilling history. Years ago, a blind girl who lived there fell off the cliff and died. The girl's ghost, it is said, has kept potential buyers away from Castelinho…

The picture shows a spooky place in Portugal. This one is a small castle in the coast of Estoril. On the left we see the building on the left speared by the sea through a sidewalk and rocks. The weather is a clear sky with a lot of sunlight.



6. Termas de Água Radio, Guarda

High levels of radio were the reason that led to the death of several people from poisoning at the Radium Water Spa, now haunted by these angry souls. At least, the legend says…

The image shows a spooky place in Guarda. An abandoned and ruined building in the middle fo the picture, on top of rocks and nature surroundings. The building is old and neglected, empty window openings and broken glass.

Foto de Maria Serra e Moura/Lugares Abandonados


7. Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Seiça, Figueira da Foz

The Monastery was built in 1175 and, when the black plague appeared, the convent did not escape death… In 2 months, around 150 religious people died. The legend says that even today the site is haunted ...

Spooky Place in Portugal, in Figueira da Foz. The scene is the end of the day, with sunset lighting on the building. There is a stone building with two towers in the front (like monasteries) and the roof is half destroyed. It is an abandoned building surrounded by nature.

Photo Credits:


8. Pátio do Carrasco, Lisboa

In the capital, Pátio do Carrasco is famous for the strange sounds of a man who died in 1873. His name was Luís Alves and he was the last Portuguese executioner, having lived there. Next time you visit, stop and listen! (let us know all about it later!)

Spooky Place in Portugal, in Lisboa. The image shows a picture taken from the inside of a tunnel, rounded ceiling. In the end we see a typical Lisbon Patio, with a yellow building on the left, and a yellow building in the front, with two green doors. The colors are fading from age. There is a staircase on the façade on the left side. There are plant pots all around. There Is a balcony on the first floor and clothes hanging.

Photo Credits:


9. Edifício Panorâmico de Monsanto, Lisboa

The Panoramic Building of Monsanto, with a privileged view to Lisbon, was never completed. People talk about bad luck and guarantee that no project will be successful there!

The image shows a spooky place in Lisboa. There is a panoramic view over Lisbon and the Tagus River. We look into it through four glass-less window openings and a tiled illustration of Lisbon's most iconic buildings is below the openings. The weather is sunny and clear sky.

Photo Credits: Joana Bourgard/RR


10. Palácio de Valenças, Sintra

In Sintra, one of the most mythical and mysterious places in Portugal, there are some very interesting legends. In this Palace, for example, it is said that the Count's maid killed herself out of love (or heartbreak) and that her tears are still heard around the house.

The image shows a spooky place in Portugal. There is a palace seen from down up, from the street. The palace is in a dark pink-reddish color, with corners in limestone. The weather is cloudy.

Photo Credits:


11. Sanatório das Penhas da Saúde, Serra da Estrela

Another sanatorium full of… you guessed it, ghosts! The building was abandoned in the 1980s and although they want to rehabilitate it, there are those who guarantee that it is haunted by the patients who died there of diseases.

Spooky Place in Portugal. The image is in black and white. Shows a big abandoned building, with the sun lighting part of the façade.

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South of Portugal

12. Teatro Lethes, Faro

In Faro, there is a theatre with a peculiar history. A ballerina committed suicide in the middle of the stage, hanging herself, and now her steps can be heard through walls and the sound of wood on the floor creaking. Chills, right??

The image shows a spooky place in Portugal. There a theatre. A view from the bottom to the top of the galleries. There are four galleries. And the ceiling painted in fresco.

Photo Credits: Rafaela de Almeida


13. Hotel Bela Vista, Portimão

The Hotel Bela Vista was built by the Magalhães Barros family in the early 1900s. The elder daughter died there and the cries of footsteps can be heard in the hallways of this 5-star hotel… Well, at least the view is great!

The image shows a spooky place in Portugal. It is an hotel, facing the beach. The weather is sunny with a clear sky.

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Portuguese Islands


14. Ponta da Má Merenda, Açores

One of the most beautiful love stories comes from Terceira Island (Azores). It is said that a rich girl and a poor boy were forbidden to be together by her father. Forced to marry an old man, the girl refused and was abandoned by her parents, with no food and money. The boy had left in search of a fortune for both, but when he returned the girl had died. In disgust, the boy joined the Convent, and it is said that on stormy nights one hears the cries of these two lovers at Praia da Vitória. 

The images shows a spooky place in Portugal. It is a cliff in the Azores. We can see on the left green grass fields and on the right there is the endless ocean. On top the is the sky, cloudy, but with some sun.

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Now start planning those maps, you’re in for an adventure!



by Cláudia Aragão