The Erasmus Student Network Portugal acknowledges the difficult time the world is passing and, with a special remark, sends all the best wishes to Italy. Facing this terrible time, ESN Portugal asks everyone to stay calm, be responsible and be respectful. 

The Board of ESN Portugal is currently analysing all the activity of the Federation to align it with the directives of the government. Our local sections are following the instructions of their partner universities and support the prevention of the contamination. ESN Portugal and its 15 local sections are and will always be proactive in supporting international students and local students in mobility. Independently of the scenario, we will always be students helping students, youth helping youth.

Moreover, ESN Portugal stands for no discrimination such as in nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other form. Students living in Portugal, independently of their nationality or appearance, should be treated with respect and helped as any other citizen. We trust in the Portuguese Higher Education Institutions to have a fair and welcoming behaviour towards the incoming students from affected areas. 

ESN Portugal asks all members of society to be responsible and follow the instructions provided by the state you currently are living and the World Health Organization. If you participated in any ESN activity in the last 14 days and are having symptoms of the disease, please, contact your local ESN section so others can be warned.

ESN Portugal kindly reminds everyone to stay calm, stay safe and do not put anyone in danger. Your actions are much bigger than only yourself. Let’s all together work to control this situation and contribute to everyone’s health. The Federation is at your disposal.

Please find useful and verified information in the following links:

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