National Platforms

National Platforms are the meetings of representatives from the local associations with the governing bodies of ESN Portugal.

In these events participants decide the future of the Portuguese Network, attend workshops and meet their peers.

National Trainings

National Trainings are events where ESN Portuguese volunteers have the chance to gain knowledge in different areas.

The Portuguese National Training Event (pTNT) is an annual certified training event, with one or more training paths, delivered by external trainers. The event holds 14 hours of training over the course of two days.

The ESNUpgrade is the annual training event for new volunteers, aiming to support sections in their training of new members. It is built to uniform knowledge levels and competencies throughout the national federation, as well as to foster closer contact and involvement in the network.

We also have Position Specific Meetings, where our volunteers from different sections and the National Board, who occupy the same ESN position or have interest in the same topics, have the chance to meet:

  • Local Boards' Meeting (LBM) - The LBM is a biannual event that gathers Local Board members to capacitate the volunteers in their tasks, promote Knowledge transfer and tool creation.
  • Position Specific Meeting (PSM) - Annual event for training in specific areas, aiming to empower local members and build on their competencies. This event contributes to better equip members for their current responsibilities and, at the same time, foster interest, motivation and capability to perform in new positions.
  • Communication Summit - Annual training event, aiming to gather, develop and connect the Communication Community and the Communication Committee with the National Communication Manager.
  • Events' Summit - Annual training event, aiming to gather, develop and connect the Events' Community and the National Events Manager.


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